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Last week of A Small World International exhibition and World wide auction at Magpie Springs

A Small World
Artlovers round the world have access the most incredible collection of living artists work today and its here! A world wide artists drive for Cancer Research.  The works memento sized and available online in a  world wide auction. 

ORIGINALS on show at Magpie Springs until 15th January 2017. The whole project has been orchistrated on social media. We are relying on social media to support us on our quest to help Researchers find EFFECTIVE treatments for Cancers. We NEED EVERYONES HELP to make this project SING.    TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! 15th January 5pm South Australian time the auction /exhibition closes

3 Artists participating have been named in the top 100 painters in the world. We have a swathe of artists who are members of Portrait Soc of America, Portrait Artists of Australia  hold workshops all around the world. An Australian artist who recieved his Order of Australia Medal for his contribution to Art in Australia. An artist in a realm of his own. Most artists have works in major collections or have been represented in National or International exhibitions/competitions in thier respective countries.

This project is about all of us having access to social media and using it for prevention, hopefully elimination of a scourge which knows no bounds - Cancer.  Only Cancer Researchers can get EFFECTIVE treatments into mainstream medicine for all of us. It will require considerable muscle to make this happen but if we all do our small part we have a chance!

Now its up to you 

COME SEE All the originals on show at Magpie Springs Gallery this is the only place you can see themGALLERY IS OPEN EVERY DAY 11 - 5 till 15th Jan Tell people to come - if they come they will leave with a list..these works are extraordinary!

BID REGISTER NOW  the auction website is accessable to anyone anywhere - we all have access to the web in one form or another

SHARE NOW  - this is an important part -  Help us find art lovers NOW!!!  even if you are not in a position to bid you may know someone who is. Cancer affects all of us the stats are to high to ignore. Help us make a SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE TODAY!!! SHARE

Last day 15th January hurry!!!
These are the links you NEED
Whole Auction Website
 204 artists participating and the links to their work 

Alan Ramachandran    Ali Ve..     Alexandra Tyng     Andreas Sobik     Angela Treat Lyon
Ann Caudle     Anneke van Waard     Annette Barker     Annie Strack       April Palmer
Asia Emerson     Avril Thomas

Barry Gross      Beverley Davies      Beverley Southcott     Bob Francis     Bobbe Almer
Brian Busch

Cameron Lewcock     Carmen Mountford     Carmen Vinning       Cat Leonard     Cathy Gray
Cathy Mc Clelland     Charlotte Hoffman       Cheryl King       Christine Pyman
Christine Wheatley Dawson      Cindy Wilbur      Colleen Brown

Daniel Cazzolarto     David Ohlerking     Deborah Allison      Debra Bryant    Debra Joy Groesser
Dee Jackson     Desiree Scherini     Diane Minuti     Diane Smith     Donovan Christie    Dot Corson

Eileen Lubiano     Elizabeth Abbott     Elizabeth Barden     Elizabeth Bitsie Gibson
Elizabeth Robbins     Emma Hack     Eric Armusik     Eric and Robyn Werkhoven    Erika Nelson
Eunice Knott     Evert Ploeg

Filippa Buttitta     Fiona Campbell     Fred Whitson

Gary Sauer Thompson     Georgia Mansur     Gerhard Ritter     Gina Davey     Gordon Russell
Grace Luttrell     Grace Miller     Greg O'leary     Greg Somers     Gregory Becker

Hedi Moran     Helen Broadfoot     Helen Corkran     Helen Matthews

Ian Gibbins

Janet Means Belich     Janice Drew Cotts     Janis Lander     Janne Kearney     J. R Baldini
Jeanne Levasseur     Jennifer Cruden     Jennifer McChristian     Jennifer Remy Renfrow
Jerry Dame     Jesper Anderson     Jessy Willemse     Jillian Crider     Jillian Solley
Jim Cecie     Joanne Giesbrecht     John Hudson     John Martin     Judy Morris     Judy Nash
Julian Hipwell     Julie Simmons     Julie Strawinski

Karen Mc Lain      Karen Murray     Karla Cook     Katia Munoz     Kathi Peters
Kate Stewart Moore     Kath Schifano     Kathy Karas     Kay Bridge     Kerry Ziernicki
Kristin Johannesen      Kristine Kainer     Krystyna Creslolkiewicz     Kveta Deans

Lanie Frick     Lauryn Arnott     Leah Grace     Leith O'Malley      Leith Semmens
Leon Holmes     Lesley Barrett     Lili Anne Laurin     Linda Crank      Linda Richichi
Lindy Downing     Lisa L Cyr     Lori Feldpausch      Lorna Allan
Lynette Kring     Lynly Cooper       Lynn Hock-Napoli

M Camille Day ( candy)     Maggie Bullock     Mandi Whitten       Margaret Ambridge
Marge Drew      Marie Bennett Hock       Marie Jonsson - Harrison       Marion Hughes
Mark Melberz Rozitis    Maureen Prichard     Meme Thorn      Mervyn Beamish
Michael Bryant      Michael Fletch Coard     Michelle Lee
Michele Ross     Mike Barr     Mike Greenwood

Nadya Neklioudova      Nancy Bea Miller    Natasha Kinnari     Neil Liddell     Neil Miley

Pam Hawkes     Pamela Gordon    Pamela Wilson     Patrick Barley     Patrick Hedges
Paul Atkins     Paul Murray     Paul Tait     Penny Heighes     Peri Ransley
Peter Hinton

Raelene Sharp     Rebecca Venn     Renate Dabney     Renee Sage     Rhonda Baum    Richard John
Rita Hall   Robert Wade OAM     Robyn Bauer     Robyn Ross       Rodolfo Vanni
Rosa Fedele      Rosemary Buswell

Samantha Tipler     Sandra Nunes     Sandra Temple     Sara Kahn     Sarina Diakos
Scott Dienhart  Sean McGovern     Sharon Allen     Sharon Collins      Sharon Stone
Sheree Wright     Shirley Quaid     Sonja Levi     Stan Blanch     Steve Binam     Steven Daluz
Sue Ransley     Susan E Roden     Susan Foster     

Tracey Padron     Terry Jackson     Therese Williams     Thomas Caleb Goggans
Tina Barr       Tiziana Borghese      Trena Ward

Unjay Markiewicz     Ute Rozenbilds

Valerie Walsh      Vicki Sullivan      Victoria Velozo      Virginia McGowan

Note all participants pages have social media links to help get the word out use them. Share like mad we have a small window to make a significant difference... use it...

.it costs nothing to share.....



Seeing a handmade original painting or drawing in the flesh is the key to connecting with a work. But of course with so many unable to come we have made the next best thing - access to

Proceeds for Cancer Research will go through
 Marilyn Jetty Swim to Cancer Council SA


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