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A Small World artist info


An International Open Exhibition of small works
held at Magpie Springs Gallery,  South Australia

 Exhibition Opening 13th Nov 2016 2pm

 Exhibition Concludes 15th Jan 2017

As artists we can share our works and make connections never before possible every day with each other on social media. We often see our artist friends works but the chance to see or even own an original from that artist is perhaps slim, especially if they are on the other side of the world.

This is your chance to take part in an International show, purchase an original piece from your favourite artist and support cancer research - it’s about making connections through art.

Please read and follow the directions. Any deviation from instruction will exclude your piece from being included, prevent it being sent back to you…or more importantly, prevent it being sent on to a buyer.

International artists take particular note of No 6.



1. NO JURY, NO THEME although there is no jury and no theme, please send your best work. This is a public event so please paint/draw something that represents your style. As children may be present, we ask that you consider making the subject matter appropriate for all audiences.

2. NO ENTRY FEE except your entry must have:-

Postage fully paid to:-
Magpie Springs, 1870 Brookman Rd, Hope Forest, South Australia 5172

A sturdy, unused envelope large enough to return the work to you or to forward to a buyer.

International postage paid certificate to the value of AU $7.40 for return or forwarding postage (nb:- The international postage paid certificate can only be used for the postage of your piece – make sure your country has one of these in place or equivalent)

Some artists have found UK USA and NZ  do not have this system if you have trouble accessing one we have a simple and easy solution - Private message Avril Thomas on fb with email address - we send Paypal invoice - artist pays - we get stamps at this end - easy -  it will read $10AU

 (More information re: postage to come.)


Standard postcard sized paper: 4 x 6 inches = 10 x 15 cm

Landscape format please!!! – Mark on the back which way up the piece is to be displayed. Only a few portrait orientation spots were available its our hanging system and space (please pm on fb Avril Thomas to see if any spots are left if you require one).


Works must be handmade, 2-dimensional and signed originals

Thick, good quality paper is the preferred support, but thin cardboard will also do. Flimsy sketch or print paper will not be accepted. Avoid surfaces not generally considered postcard material (eg.canvas or canvas board, wood, ceramic, etc.).

Accepted media include watercolour, acrylic, oil, ink, gouache, mixed media, collage, pencil, charcoal and pastel. Please use spray fixative for gritty mediums (messy!), and remember to properly prime/gesso your surfaces if you work with oils, allowing them to fully dry before shipping.

Linocuts, woodcuts, lithographs (printmaking) and photographs are acceptable IF they are the correct size, hand-signed and “one off” high quality originals (1/1).

No toxic substances are to be used in the making of your piece.

5. Identification Card for gallery display

To connect artists with buyers, your work must be accompanied with a gallery display card - white (5cm high x 10cm wide??) neatly printed with current information:

a) Name of artist

b) Name of piece

c) Country of origin

d) Facebook page or link and website

e) Suggested sale price in Australian dollars (all artists NB 6.)

*Please note, the above-mentioned information will be shared on Facebook as an integral part of promoting the work. If you do not want this information shared, please do not participate.


6. SALE OF WORK We had hoped we could proceed with the exhibition with all artists playing with the same guidelines however the minefield of import/ export regulations, permits, laws, taxes nearly excluded international artists altogether.

The solution as suggested by generous International artists
International artists
All works submitted must be sent as a gift with 100% of the proceeds going to Charity.

We have picked Cancer Research as the preferred charity as our lives too have been affected by cancer. Magpie Springs has aligned with a group of women who raise money for Cancer Research -  through the  Marilyn Jetty swim women fb page

We currently sell a dozen wine - “the Marilyn mix” for the reduced price of $180 with $50 of the purchase going to Cancer Research. As the property has required substantial restoration, and we get no financial assistance, we are not in a position to make this show 100% a charitable donation.

Australian Artists
65% Artists, 20% Magpie Springs, 15% Cancer Research 

Make sure you include with your work, a statement with details regarding your ABN (if you are a registered business), or a signed declaration stating that your activities are on a hobby basis only, and that you are conducting your activities without reasonable expectation of profit. Without this information any gallery in Australia by law has to withhold 48.5% of any payments due to that artist.  Add BSB and Account on this sheet for prompt payment on work sold.

Suggested price  for sale  –  this price is totally up to you we will be running an auction online which you will be able to share with your fans please choose a reserve price  ….Magpie Springs suggesting a price isn’t going to happen – artists are in different stages of their career, a price too low or too high will have the same effect = no entry. 

HOWEVER for postal reasons alone keep it under AU $450. This is a safety precaution for your work in transit. (We understand some countries require the value of the contents over $500 to be declared, and have heard of postage going “missing” once it has been declared valuable).


7. Mail your work in an envelope via Regular First Class Mail (or international equivalent) to

Magpie Springs 1870 Brookman Rd, Hope Forest South Australia 5172.

Keep in mind, some postal services aren’t recognized for “gentle handling”; we want your work to sell and to be in the best shape possible when it arrives and at its final destination (with buyer or back to you), so make sure to ship it in an envelope and pack it well for the journey.

Please ship your work, well protected in an envelope, via regular first class mail. Make sure the envelope your work arrives in, is clearly marked with your return address on the back with all the postage paid. We will not receive any mail not fully paid. DO NOT send your art via courier or any method that requires a signature. We have a lot to do at this end already and don’t have staff available at all times in the event a courier may show up .  The best way to get your work to us is by sending it via regular first class mail.

Follow the packaging instruction like everyone else. The piece can be received during our usual open hours Fri, Sat, Sun 11am – 5pm but will not be processed until Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs with the others to ensure absolute fairness. The postage “fee” requirements stands as it may be purchased overseas. Return of unsold works will be just like everyone else – post.



Time frames  Critical Dates.

Your piece must have arrived by 23rd Oct 2016 - NB!!!! mail is taking nearly a month to arrive from USA and UK - DONT MISS OUT BY LEAVING IT TILL THE LAST MOMENT

 Exhibition Opening 13th Nov 2016

 Exhibition Concludes 15th Jan 2017

this would seem like a long exhibition, except the gallery is open Fri Sat Sun. Our exhibitions usually run for 8 weeks - Christmas week and the couple of weeks after is our busy  summer season when people are out and about/on leave and likely to see your piece.

VERY IMPORTANT! You have plenty of time to send your entry - late submissions will not be included.

Social media participation is the key to make this work best for everyone... like + comment  on eachothers works on the Magpie Springs page it is a public post everyone will see the activity- it draws attention to the show and to all the works including yours - we have social media lets use it for everyones benefit

1. ARTIST :- Whilst making the piece or before you send it, take a picture at your end
– e.g. a WIP, you with the piece or something about how you made it.   Don’t give the game away by showing a finished piece just yet. Personalize it so people can start connecting with you or the piece and get the gist of what’s happening

Make a Public Post add  a picture of you with your piece so people will connect with you the artist
   say “it’s on its way from……(or something similar saying where you are roughly we dont need GPS) to Magpie Springs……. (Put the Magpie Springs fb link in -  this will come up if you have liked our page - put @Magpie Springs and use your right arrow key - the link will pop up – that will alert us a) you are participating b)the work is on its way so we can share it on our page ) to South Australia for Its "A Small World" International exhibition to help raise $ for Cancer Research 

this is important incase someone shares your post  (link goes with the post) -  anyone who sees it will know where to find your work - we will release soon how ANYONE will be able to bid for it in the auction or they may even be able to come to the show

After we have shared on our page feel free to add your website in a link so people can find out about you and your work

 Only one photo please 

Please be patient we do have other activities which happen here

2. Gallery:-  When the piece arrives we will do the same here in an album on the Magpie Springs page to let you and your contacts know it’s arrived. Know we will share in every avenue/group possible.

 “like” the page so the fb links work properly Magpie Springs

3. Buyer:- We will encourage buyers to contact the artist - via the Magpie Springs page and let you know your piece has a new home (Not everyone is on fb so we will do our best) you will be linked in, so you can respond. Perhaps they will like another piece from you – they will now know how to contact you.

We are doing this through Marilyn Jetty swim group of women who raise $ for the Cancer Council SA  = cancer research 
Please know that organizing this exhibition is a tremendous task. The number of pieces alone makes this a very time-consuming endeavour for the curator to make the exhibition a success. We will do everything in our power to do this as promptly as possible, but we ask you to be patient if your work doesn’t show up right away, know we are doing this as hard and as fast as possible.

Your works whilst in our care will be handled with the utmost care; we want the pieces to go to a happy buyer or returned to you / buyer in the best condition possible. We are not responsible for any damage occurring during transit in the postal system.

Thank you for your interest and look forward to your participation.



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Visit the vineyard, cellar door, gallery and bouldering wall at 1870 Brookman Rd, Hope Forest SA 5172 Hours 11am to 5pm – Friday, Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and seasonally. Other times by appointment ... Call us on

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08 8556 7351

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